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Cupcake Pricing

Regular cupcakes are priced at $3.50/each, for a standard flavor and standard design, with a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor.   If you are ordering more than three flavors, the minimum order per flavor is 2 dozen.  

Mini cupcakes are priced at $2.75/each, for a standard flavor and standard design, with a minimum of 2 dozen per flavor.  

Letter/Number cupcakes start at $100.  This includes one flavor, approximately 12-14 cupcakes depending on the size of the letter/number, and up to three different colors/piping designs.  Inquire directly with me for exact pricing for specific requests.  

If there is a $ next to the cupcake on the flavors menu, there is a surcharge for the cupcake.  Generally, fruit flavored cupcakes and filled cupcakes add $1 each.  Inquire directly with me for exact pricing as it varies.  


Cake Pricing

Every cake is made to order and any listed prices and servings are BASE figures for a regular height cake, and does not include any extra decor which will add to the total cost (flowers, custom toppers, special flavors, lettering, and any other design elements).  Regular height cakes are approximately 5-6" high, and tall height cakes are approximately 8-9" high. Please inquire for exact pricing.  

Single Tier Cakes (regular height)

6" | 6-12 servings | $90+

8" | 12+ servings | $120+

Tiered Cakes (regular height)

4"+6" | 10-26+ servings | $200+

6"+8" | 26-52+ servings | $275+

6"+8"+10" | 100-150+ servings | $550+

Cake Pop Pricing

Cake pops start at $3.50/each, for a standard flavor and design.  1 dozen is the minimum order per flavor/design.  For every cake pop in the same flavor/design over 1 dozen, we charge $3/each per additional cake pop.  Standard flavor cake-pops are vanilla and chocolate.  A standard design would include sprinkles or edible luster dusting, and white chocolate exterior.  Specific colors or multiple colors will be an added charge. Inquire directly with me for exact pricing.

Deposit Information

If the cost is estimated over $100, then we request a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost.  Balance must be paid in full at time of delivery.  We do not take personal checks.

Delivery and Set-Up

We offer delivery and/or set-up services for every order over $80. 


Setup is a flat $100, and is required for most wedding and special event cakes, as these usually need special handling. 


Delivery is charged by location/estimated time based on my navigation system, taking traffic into consideration. Every 20 minutes round-trip is $15.  For example, if the estimated time to deliver, round trip, is 0-20 minutes, the delivery fee is $15.  21-40 minutes is $30.  41-60 minutes is $45, etc. 

For all deliveries, if there is no free parking at your delivery address, any fees incurred will be added to your balance due.  We may exercise the option to make a curbside delivery if we deem necessary.   

Types of payment accepted

We take cash, Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal.  

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