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Cupcake Pricing

Regular cupcakes are priced at $3.50/each, for a standard flavor and standard design, with a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor.   If you are ordering more than three flavors, the minimum order per flavor is 2 dozen.  

Mini cupcakes are priced at $2.75/each, for a standard flavor and standard design, with a minimum of 2 dozen per flavor.  

If there is a $ next to the cupcake on the flavors menu, there is a surcharge for the cupcake.  Generally, fruit flavored cupcakes and filled cupcakes are $.50 extra, and any extra decorations or requests will start at $.50 extra.   


Cake Pricing

The final price will depend on the style you choose, size, number of layers, tiers, flavor, custom toppers, flowers, lettering, and any other design elements that are added. I can give you an estimate by email if you give me details on what you want.  


The smallest cake we make is a standard 6" cake, with prices starting at $60.  Please inquire for more specific pricing.  


Deposit Information

If the cost is estimated over $100, then we request a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost.  Balance must be paid in full at time of delivery.


For wedding and other special event orders of any dollar amount, we will deliver and setup within a ten mile radius of our location in Fairfax, VA 22032, for $80.  We will charge an extra $6 per mile beyond this ten mile radius.  If there is no free parking immediately adjacent to the delivery site, then we will add any parking charges we incur.   If you are ordering a tiered cake, delivery is required to be added to your order, due to the requirements of transporting and setting up your cake.

For cupcakes and birthday cakes that do not require any setup or hardware rental, we require a minimum order of $80 and we charge by location/estimated time based on my navigation system, taking traffic into consideration. Every 20 minutes round-trip is $15.  For example, if the estimated time to deliver, round trip, is 0-20 minutes, the delivery fee is $15.  21-40 minutes is $30.  41-60 minutes is $45, etc.  If there is no free or immediately adjacent parking in front of your delivery address, and for all apartment and city orders, delivery may be curbside.

If your order does not meet $80, then you must make arrangements for pickup.  


Types of payment accepted

We take cash, Venmo, or PayPal.  

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